Tower Hill Insurance: How To Protect Your Home And Family

Tower Hill Insurance is a company that works with insurance. It’s responsible for providing its customers with protection and security. This can be done through the sale of policies, which allows individuals to use specific plans they find suitable in order to protect those they care about in case something unfortunate happens: it could be a car crash or the sickness of one of their family members. While Tower Hill had previously worked only within the state of Florida, it has begun to expand into 17 different states.

Tower Hill Insurance

Tower Hill Insurance: How To Protect Your Home And Family

Tower Hill home insurance

Tower Hill focuses on making insurance simple by helping homeowners take care of important details that can otherwise be overlooked when figuring out the coverage they need. Tower Hill’s Home Insurance is designed with several options to fit specific needs, depending on if you live in a large home, renovated home, or older home so that each one receives the best possible protection for its cost.

Although the company may have different procedures in every state, there are many commonalities in all of them as well. You might be able to use this knowledge to compare other insurance companies that charge similar policies and determine whether your new coverage will work for you or if it’s worth making those extra droplets of sweat for a policy that’s better suited to your needs.

Types of coverage

Tower Hill offers a robust lineup of coverages, from traditional ones their competitors also sell to unique options that you might not find elsewhere. If your home has a high risk for flooding, you can buy flood insurance from Tower Hill and depending on your budget.

Tower Hill covers your main residence with standard protection, certain additions to your house or dwelling improvements and you may pick optionals such as: Increased Standard Limits for loss of property; Increased Deductible Form for the selected AOP coverage; Sump Pump Overflow Coverage; Debris Removal Coverage; Wet Flood Basement Coverage; Landscaping Coverage, etc.

Where does Tower Hill operate?

Tower Hill Holdings is a provider of insurance for homeowners and businesses. The company is based in Georgia and provides coverage in 17 states including: Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.

The company began expanding in 2016 and its website lists that expansion continued in 2018. If a storm or disaster strikes in your area, Tower Hill provides coverage for your property. They have an excellent customer service department and are known for issuing timely payments to its policy holders.

Many Tower Hill insurance companies specialize in different lines of business as well as different states. Certain of these companies specialize in writing policies for auto, home and commercial needs among others. Some of these companies are known more for their expertise in accident or health insurance while other Tower Hill companies write policies that deal with marine, workers compensation or life.

Tower Hill ratings and reviews

Tower Hill Insurance Company has been fairly consistent in terms of customer satisfaction, boasting a long-standing 4.35 star rating on their website. Unfortunately, this is purely an online review and not a third party source. It would be less biased if it came directly from a governing agency such as the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

This could demonstrate that Tower Hill is reputable in terms of handling complaints regarding coverage issues. In fact, each of their underwriting companies have had lower complaint indices according to the NAIC than average, indicating that in comparison to other companies, there are not many grievances lodged against them over the years.

Three of the underwriting companies Tower Hill Preferred, Tower Hill Signature, and Tower Hill Prime are rated by AM Best. If you’re looking for added insurance you could choose Tower Hill Signature since it is rated A (Exceptional) by Demotech compared to B+ or higher for the other options. An A rating means the company in question appears to be financially stable and able to pay out claims without endangering itself too much.

Reasons why Tower Hill is a great option?

Tower Hill is a decent provider when it comes to finding home insurance. It can be great for people who own high-value homes, but we find that it may not be the best option for those who don’t. The company offers a wide variety of add-on coverages and endorsements that definitely make this an attractive provider in the market.

With its offerings including some unique options, like trampoline liability insurance and diving board/pool slide liability coverage, Tower Hill can be one worth your consideration if you are looking for an insurance policy from a good provider!

In terms of Tower Hill Insurance, the vendor has not been around for a long time. Despite its limited coverage and unavailability in several states, it provides services to a wide range of partners including individual consumers, businesses and industry-specific insurance organizations.

Additional policies offered by Tower Hill

Tower Hill offers a host of insurance products so that customers can affordably protect their most valuable assets. Here are some other insurance products you can purchase in addition to property insurance: business and commercial coverage, landlord insurance, condo coverage, renters insurance, mobile home coverage, equipment breakdown coverage and watercraft protection.

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