TruStage Insurance: Protecting Your Health and Well-Being

TruStage Insurance provides members of credit unions with a way to easily handle their insurance needs in one convenient place. As part of the TruStage Insurance family – which is a subsidiary of the larger CUNA Mutual Group (which benefits those who are part of a credit union) , TruStage is able to provide additional financial tools for those who make up its core clientele.

TruStage Insurance

TruStage Insurance: Protecting Your Health and Well-Being

While TruStage Insurance is a unique platform, what makes it special is that they work with and recommend other insurance companies in the industry. Many people generally don’t insure their vehicles, homes and even lives. However, if clients come to TruStage and need more insurance coverage, this agency can assist the customer with other top-quality plans that are presented alongside those of TruStage itself.

Furthermore, customers may decide to purchase these plans online too. They allow credit union members access to offerings from multiple agents by way of their website or in person at one of their local branches.

TruStage car insurance

If you’re shopping around for an insurance policy, you may be stressed and frustrated by how many different companies are out there to choose from. But if you’re considering TruStage, the car insurance offered through its partnership with Liberty Mutual, you don’t have to worry about having to make those difficult decisions. With Liberty Mutual’s affordable, customizable policies in mind, TruStage has plenty of options for you to consider when choosing your own car insurance plan.

Types of coverage

Liberty Mutual provides many types of traditional auto insurance coverage like liability, collision, comprehensive coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection. Not only does this protect drivers from car accidents financially, it also restores the damaged parts on their vehicles over time and guarantees repairs for as long as they drive with Liberty Mutual. These benefits are in addition to the standard coverage bundles and include features like: better car replacement, lifetime repair guarantee.

In addition, Liberty Mutual is proud to offer participating members the Liberty Mutual MarketSafe Deductible Fund. You can opt-in to this program for free by paying an extra $30 on your annual premium and you will earn $100 off your deductible every year!


Liberty Mutual has special discounts and offers exclusive only to credit union members. Some may be available in certain states, and the others might not be. The credit union member discount is available through TruStage – Liberty Mutual’s preferred provider of online insurance products. In addition to all the discounts that are being offered, consumers can also take advantage of a number of other services, including: Claims-free discount, Credit union member discount.

TruStage home insurance

Similar to TruStage auto insurance, Liberty Mutual is a well-established supporter of homeowners’ insurance. As corporations begin to realize they don’t have to be limited just to one area, but that they can flourish in multiple areas if given the opportunity, projects will only become bigger and better.

In addition to some big players in this industry, Liberty Mutual can be another option for homeowners who want the freedom to pick and choose from multiple endorsements because there are many companies out there that are supported by Liberty Mutual for their homeowner’s insurance needs.

Types of coverage

Liberty Mutual is the leader in insurance protection for homeowners in the country. It offers comprehensive protection for your home, belongings and family against fire, natural disasters and liability claims including burglary. If you’ve got valuables of any kind that are worth insuring, Liberty Mutual has an insurance policy for you! Some of its other popular products include: hurricane damage, inflation protection and blanket jewelry coverage.


Liberty Mutual offers a wide variety of discounts for homeowners insurance policies. Some of the discounts apply to specific policyholders with outstanding records, while others are available to anyone willing to pay an additional premium one month out of the year in order to receive lower rates throughout the rest of that calendar year.

Discounts can be broken down into three categories: ones applied to specific claims and policy history, ones applying only or mostly to features within a home compared to its immediate neighbors, and finally ones that have a monetary cost attached that has to be paid on top of regular premiums in order for that discount to become active.

TruStage life insurance

Life insurance can be a little bit hard to come by, but TruStage wants to change that. This policy, like the others in the TruStage line-up, works in partnership with CMFG Life Insurance Company. So whenever you apply for life insurance through TruStage, we’ll send your application straight to them so they can see if they’re able. And just like that, you’ll have a fast and simple approach to getting life insurance!

A life insurance plan can protect you, your family and others financially in the event of your untimely death. Life insurance available through TruStage offers several advantages. Within these policies, there are a variety of coverage options that can help ensure you receive the exact amount of benefits your family should be entitled to based on their personal situations. Consequently, there is no requirement for medical exams or health-related questions and coverage starts almost immediately as soon as you make your final payment.

If you find that you no longer wish to have this policy, it can be canceled and fully refunded within 30 days without penalty. However, it’s important to note that TruStage doesn’t offer maximum coverage of more than $300,000, which may not satisfy some people in need of more substantial life insurance plans with the potential for larger payouts.

Types of policies offered

When you take a look at the families that have been with us for generations, you’ll see a trend of success and appreciation for our business. We know that you not only need life insurance to protect you in the event of an unfortunate circumstance but also for the peace of mind knowing that your family will be protected.

That’s why we’re proud to offer several different types including Term life insurance, Whole life insurance, guaranteed issue whole life insurance and Accidental death and dismemberment life insurance.

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